SA Sports Fever Crossbow Accuracy modification.

Last year I bought the Sa Sports Fever Crossbow off amazon for about $120, after receiving it, trying it out.. I was pretty happy with it I was able to hold a decent group at what i thought was max range on the crossbow being a cheap recurve I figured 30 yards tops. most of my shooting was about 20 yards. i did notice that the scope mount was a little wobbly because of the range compensating "feature" that the mount has, you can click a knob between 1-10 and it compensates for the range and bolt drop. The downside is the mount is not solid, its held in place with a spring... not great, which is a reason a lot of the reviewers ive seen say they wouldn't use it for hunting purely ethically they couldn't trust the scope to be on target every shot, though it has plenty of power to bring down small to medium game such as a white tail deer.

That got me thinking, if i were to drill through the pivoting point in the mount in two spots and press a couple roll pins in it that would eliminate any kind of play it has. Not to mention the scope it comes with already has a drop reticle with 10-20-30-40-50 yd marks so the mount is kind of moot anyways. 

This article will show my methodology of fixing the mount and have some data as to how the groupings changed (if at all). To start i will shoot a total of 9 shots before and 9 shots after at 30yds or 90ft. they will be in 3 shot groups i will measure the group after each 3 shots and come up with an average total group size from before and after.

Here is a list of tools and supplies needed to do this project.

  • 1/8" drill bit and drill.
  • 1/8" roll pin.
  • small hammer.
  • roll pin punch or something to tap on to not damage the pin or bow.
  • masking tape if you want to protect your stuff.

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group numberspread in inches
group 11.125"
group 2.625"
group 31.625"

As you can see from the data above "stuff n things happen maybe it worked maybe it didn't the white wizard will know"

video: coming soon

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