Deebot N79 fix for going in circles

Here’s a quick guide on how to fix the issue with the Deebot N79 when it keeps going in circles, hopefully they fix this issue in later revisions, the issue is the bumper buttons that detect it crashing into things get stuck in and it thinks it’s constantly crashing into something.

Required tools:
– #1 phillips screwdriver
– Razor knife

Step one:
Remove the front bumper by taking out the 6 screws that hold it in place, and unplug the connector.

Step 2:
take the razor knife and trim the piece of the body that the buttons get hung up on and make sure they wont hit it anymore.

Step 3:
Re-assemble the front bumper and power it on and it should be ready to go!

Thanks for reading here is a quick video on how I did mine.

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