CSG-M106 no LTE

The issue was the brand new units wouldn’t connect to LTE. The solution that fixed mine is below.


  1. login to the router @
    user: root
    pass: last 8 of sn
  2. on the home page it will have the lte settings, click abort.

3. this is what it looks like while it’s processing

4. once it gets to this screen press “auto setup”

5. the button will go grey, just wait.

6. The verizon will light up green and start working.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps.

Duplicati showing error after every run

The issue is that duplicati does not have access to locked files such as excel spreadsheets or other items locked by the programs that open them. the fix is super easy and only two steps.

Step 1.

  • Open Duplicati ui, and go to the backup under Configuration: choose Edit

  • Then go to option 5 “Options”

  • Under advanced options, click the down arrow then click “add advanced option” and scroll down to “snapshot-policy”
  • select it, then change the off to on in the drop down box, then save your settings.
    it should look like this.


  • Step2.
  • Right click Duplicati from the system tray icon, and select quit.
  • Goto the C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\
  • right click “Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe” and under the compatibility tab select “run this program as an administrator”

Re launch duplicati !

All done! Run the backup again to verify it worked and that should be it.